Blossoms of the Spring

Documentary film (part one) and printed documentary (part two)

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Here is a story about an ultra-orthodox Jew.Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro is a converted Breslov who settled in the West Bank. Leaving his wife and two children in Norway to find a new meaning of life, he found a group of ultra-religious Jews who use techno music and tagging in their struggle for world peace. At the start of this quest, the subject was located between states. He lived in a cave while building a house of recycled material. In 2012 I debuted as director with this documentary. It was how I got acquainted with my father; the subject. The first episode of the documentary is a film, while the second part was commissioned publishing. 


The movie was well received in the Arabic world. Underneath is the poster for its screening at FUICLA in Agadir, Morocco. 

24utsikt fra inne i huset foer det ble revet.jpg

From his self-built home, my Mordecai had a view of the West Bank, Dead Sea and Jordan.

The house has since been torn by the Israeli state and Mordecai has been required to move from the plot. Instead of responding to extortion, he made a new solution. Now he and his wife sleep outdoors. 
4huset som nylig ble revet. foto fra 2014 copy.jpg
3huset er revet men mordecai og kona blir boende til de jages. foto2016.jpg
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The village "Ibei HaNacha" occurred after Mordecai arrived on the spot. It is now millitarian-protected. Here, Jews follow the prophecy of Rabbi Nachman. Most people live in caravans.

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The journey from Jerusalem to the village carries through Palestinian territory. The buses are equipped with bulletproof windows, so civilian passengers can travel to school and work without worrying about being shot. On this bus there was a failed attempt. 
17skudd pa skuddsikkert glass i den ene av de to bussene man kan ta fra bosetningen. bildet er av kona2016.jpg

Film: Daniel Spiro

Article Published by PLOT 

Article written by Kaia Eriksen 

Photos and caption by Daniel Spiro

Assistent: Sigmund Evensen