Dancing on Salt

Poetry and photography



A story from the factual world 

Spiro moves around through press assignments and documentary filmmaking. This book is a personal side project from work and study. Printed in Latvia, with three different types of paper, distributed from Sweden. Typography is adapted context and poetic rhythm.  

«Dancing on Salt is Spiros first poetic story, written in Lisbon and illustrated with contribution from close friends, and photography from journeys made by the author himself. The book is a trip between places and concepts, an open dialogue with life as we live it or hope to live it. Thematically wide, geographically spread, just like the author. Printed with support from Frifond and form provided by designer Arve Båtevik.»

- Eirik Traavik, journalist at "Aftenposten" and editor of "DANK"

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«The book «Dancing on salt» is documentary poetry, with a political agenda. At times it is pompous, self-contained and self-honoring, nevertheless there is a fragility and humility in many of the texts, and a beautiful belief that the world can move in the right direction, if we comprehend the essence of which problems we face– and what we can do about it. The language is neat and polished, and between the lines one can get insights from a completely private and independent plan, an attempt to take part in finding our universal person - in the meeting with the superior theme.»

- Caroline Krager, Writer in "DN" and editor of "Milk and Honey"



Words and photography: Daniel Spiro

Design: Arve Båtevik – website

Contributing photographers:

Daniel Zvereff – website

David Kirkland

Mads Oftedal Schwencke

Selma Isefær McDougall

Published by: Båt 

Print: Livonia Print

Supported by: LNU/Frifond, WeSC Norge